HER MUSE EP - $9.99

Philomene's new album dives deep into her personal reflections than previous recordings, with Philomene herself examining new corners of her heart in the writing. Individual tracks feature violin, bass, flute, piano, sax and her own mix of folk-blues-rock and classical influences. The bare bones of “Her Muse” began almost a decade ago with lyrics written while Hoffman still lived in Toronto. Violinist Alex Cheung and multi-instrumentalist Michael Plourde contributed much to the initial arrangements of what would be the new album.


In 2003 Hoffman started a personal journey that would eventually lead to a resurgence of song and writing.


“My songwriting itself was aching to be held within a huger, more expansive soundscape of a quaking unknown yet knowing heart just as my personal longing to move north pulled on me. So, it took me time to recognize the way”, says Hoffman. She left the hub of Toronto’s musical community for her Grey Bruce County roots to spend time with her parents, care-giving and teaching. Hoffman’s new friendships and GBC’s beauty opened Hoffman to a vast exploration of her artistic musings. As Hoffman adds, " miles and miles of rolling farmland countryside with hidden lakes streaming 'round the endless Saugeen River drifted into the cells of my being". Continuing the music connection with long-time collaborator and violinist, Alex Cheung, and Michel Plourde, Hoffman began the transition to recording her new material. Under welcoming GBC surroundings she connected with recording engineer Randy Martin (from Track 6 Studio, Dornoch), saxophonist Steve Kennedy (from the well known Canadian symphonic rock band Lighthouse), and local down home kick-ass drummer Billy (Buck) McWaters, to record several years of fresh dynamic songwriting.


Her mother passed away in 2009, and her journey would take her back to Toronto. After two years of time spent on trips to her father for additional care-giving, and working on “Her Muse,” Hoffman has resettled in Toronto, again a part of the city’s music community. Her father passed away in June 2011, though Hoffman knows her father and mother are listening to the CD in spirit. This album is in dedication and memory of her parents, Phil and Sue Hoffman.


LET HER GO - Album


This album 'let her go' was a personal quest of many years through a shadowland of the who, how and what is this life I am bumping into. There is a quote I like, "Love is an event that ignites the distance between 2 polarities."  It seems whether inspired by a river, the light-beam of the moon, mine or a friend's conflicting perspective, a vision of a burning woman, a sweep-off-my-feet love affair, or a gray mundane day to day, it is here, if I am available for 'other'  that the touch of the muse's hand upon mine engages and something kind of magic begins to happen as I surrender, receive, release, wonder, express the struggle, sway with the dance or sigh with the thrill of the sparkle. Most of the time, first the music arrives demanding empty space working over and over into a finger weave instrumental piece on the guitar or as a soundscape. Other times it is from my journal scribble and/or as a poetic stream of emotion how the verse gets blurted... then I attempt to honourably accompany the scribe. It can all be mix-mashed. Finally, I sculpt and carve and "chip away the sharp edges 'round the corners and into your arms I float away. I still can float away."  ~Philomene